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We're a modern boutique agency, and we only take on a limited number of couples annually to maintain our highly personalized service, a hallmark of our reputation.

Unlike some competitors who claim to provide "fee-free" services, we're here to address your questions and make every effort to accommodate special requests. We'll collaborate closely with you, offering sincere advice and support that comes from a genuine care for your unique needs, recognizing you as more than just another couple.

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Thinking about a planning a destination wedding & not sure where to start?

We get it. It's a unique, multi-day celebration that allows for quality time with loved ones and a smaller guest list guilt-free.
Now, you might be wondering how to turn that dream into reality, but you've also realized you're responsible for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of 50+ cherished guests.
Organizing a destination wedding involves more than just trip planning, and it can feel overwhelming, especially with friends and family bombarding you with questions. The good news? We're here to assist you every step of the way.

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We Help Couples Just Like You!

  • Dreaming of a fun relaxed beach wedding but start feeling overwhelmed by too many options available?

  • Searching for the best location while remaining budget savvy?

  • Want peace of mind knowing someone has your back and will help your guests feel confident and help them with their travel plans?

  • Work with someone who’s fun, knowledgeable and just the right fit - knowing your wedding is truly unique to YOU?

Our Process


It is very important to me that I get a chance to connect with the couple. I want to make sure I can take their vision and make it a reality! Do you want to get married at sunset in a Gazebo covered in floral decor right off the ocean? Or maybe have your reception overlooking the entire resort and miles of white sand and blue water? Whatever our couples are thinking...I want to know and hear it!


Once we connect, I will recommend a list of resorts that are personalized to their style, budget, and desired locations. After a resort is chosen, I will correspond with the resort's onsite wedding coordinators to arrange your wedding date, ceremony time, and perfect ceremony/reception locations. As your ``Travel Planner``, I will act as a liaison between you and the resort for the entire process.


If the wedding group size is applicable, I will contact our groups wholesaler that we have worked closely with to get the best rates available for your guests. With a group contract, we will secure a block of rooms, including amenities, allow your guests to pay a minimum deposit to hold their room choice and will guarantee their room reservation to attend! Final payment will vary.

wedding & Group website

After we have established the pricing, I will put together the couple's own PERSONAL WEBSITE. This website will allow your guests to book their room, activities, transportation with ease and will provide all the details necessary to set up their travel.

travel coordination

Our communication and organization throughout the entire process is what makes for a stress-free and enjoyable destination wedding or getaway... My personal planning tool will assist the couples in having clear timelines, checklist, documents, open communication lines to me.

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