7 Perfect Locations For Your Dreamy Destination Wedding

7 Perfect Locations For Your Dreamy Destination Wedding

If you picture yourself saying “I do” with the waves crashing behind you, a remote, exotic beach might be the perfect spot. We’ve rounded up our top destination wedding locations that allow you to tie the knot in unique and unforgettable locales:  Check out our list of the most beautiful destinations in the world to get married.

Turks & Caico

Beaches, Turks and Caicos

Beaches, Turks and Caicos

Where to Get Married in Turks & Caicos:

There's a nice variety of fantastic resort wedding venues in Turks & Caicos, especially on Grace Bay in the Providenciales. These resort wedding venues offer amazing wedding packages, luxurious accommodations and great activities for both you and your guests. 

What to do With Your Wedding Group:

Activities available for you and your group are world-class diving & snorkeling, Hobie Cats, Aqua Trikes, on the Providenciales, and hiking & horseback riding, and historic sites on Grand Turk. 

Pros: Turks & Caicos is also one of the most accessible destinations in the world, making it easy for all of your family & friends to EASILY travel to your wedding! 

Cons:  More expensive than other locations,  most motorized water sports like glass bottom boats, water or jet skiing, are prohibited due to the Marine National Park

Mexico:  Riviera Maya/ Cancun

Located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, along the Caribbean sea,  Cancun & Riviera Maya is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Mexico, offering miles of white sandy beaches, a seemingly endless number of local sites to see and explore, and a plethora of activities for you and your wedding guests to see and do! 

Where to Get Married in Cancun/ Riviera Maya:

Cancun features the famous "hotel zone" where some of the most popular resorts in Mexico reside, on powder white sand beaches contrasting turquoise blue water! There is an abundance of great resort options in Cancun for your wedding.  You can choose from ultra-chic & modern, to more laid-back and casual.  Cancun has more nightlife, shopping, and powder white sand beaches, but you’ll also face more crowded beaches and resort areas. 

The Riviera Maya is about 30 minutes and beyond south of Cancun and resorts here are more spacious and spread out from each other. The beaches are a little more natural here, due to protections set up by law to protect the natural coral and beach areas. The resort venues here in Riviera Maya, are going to give you a less crowded atmosphere and a more authentic natural vibe.

Must-Do With Your Wedding Group:

One of the best things about this part of Mexico, is that there are literally endless excursions and activities you and your wedding guests can do from swimming in an authentic Cenote, checking out Mayan ruins, spending the day shopping in historic Playa del carmen, or enjoying Xel Ha's authentic eco water park. 

Pro:  Dollar for dollar Mexico offers the BEST value compared to any other destination wedding area. 

Cons: Having a Legal Wedding in Mexico has a lot of extra hoops you have to jump through. I always recommend doing a symbolic wedding when getting married in Mexico.

Mexico:  Los Cabos

Located in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Cortez, beautiful palm trees, and incredible desert landscapes, Los Cabos brings a blend of up-level luxury and endless things to see and do for the ultimate wedding away.  

Los Cabos offers something for everyone looking to have a destination wedding.  Here you have your choice of stark desert landscapes intermingled with mountains and beautiful coastlines.  

What to do with your wedding group:

The beauty of Los Cabos is that you can just relax and enjoy a couples massage at the spa, hang out by the pool and get catered to all day long, or you can jump off of the resort and try jet skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, horseback riding, snorkeling, bungee-jumping, and even go for a camel ride or ATV tour.  There is no shortage of memories you and your wedding guests can make together!  

Where to get married in Los Cabos: 

Do you want a poolside cabana, maybe a beach cabana?  How about a private terrace with an ocean view, or an infinity pool that looks like it disappears into the ocean?  Well, you can have all of this and more at one of the many fantastic resort properties here in Los Cabos. Luxury is the main focus at many of these resorts which is a win for both you and your guests!  These resorts also have some alluring and brilliant wedding packages to give you a dream destination “I Do”. 

Pros:  If you live on the west coast of the U.S, there is no simpler honeymoon destination than Los Cabos!  Some incredible resort options, and some of the best wine and cuisine you can find in all of Mexico.  

Cons:  Rougher water unless you are on Medano Beach, so you won’t have a swimmable beach at most resorts. 

St. Lucia

Known as the Hawaii of the Caribbean, St. Lucia is the emerald of the Caribbean isles!  Lush green tropical rainforests, waterfalls, active volcanoes, Sulphur springs, and beautiful beaches, St. Lucia really does have it all!   

A Must Do With Your Group:

If you are planning to get married in St. Lucia, it is a must to do some type of excursion with your wedding group to see the magnificent beauty of this Island.  From hiking the famous Pitons or the rainforest, ziplining adventures, soaking in a volcanic Sulphur spring, actually visiting the active volcano, or even sharing a round of golf together, the memories you can make with your wedding group are endless!   

Where to Get Married in St. Lucia:

You’ll have a wide range of accommodations to meet every budget for your destination wedding.  You can go ultra-high-end or beautiful & balanced with many resort wedding venues St. Lucia has to offer.  All of these resorts will do a great job for your destination wedding, it just depends on your style and budget.  

While I usually recommend doing a symbolic wedding, for most locations, St. Lucia is one of the easier Caribbean locations to get legally married in.  

PROS:  Bucket list excursions and activities that will make lasting memories for your wedding.

CONS: St. Lucia is in the southern Caribbean, so it is about a 5-6 hour flight from the states.  St. Lucia is more expensive than other locations in the Caribbean.

Costa Rica

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica

If you love lush green vistas,  mountains, wildlife, beautiful beaches, and an emphasis on eco-protection, then Costa Rica may be the perfect destination for your wedding.  Located between the Caribbean sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, Costa Rica can offer many different experiences.

Where to get married in Costa Rica?:

Costa Rica is home to many unique and beautiful resort wedding venues.  You can host your wedding at a beachfront resort, or at a resort tucked away in a jungle paradise, it really depends on what you and your wedding group are looking for.  All of the resort companies in Costa Rica have great wedding packages and accommodations to give you a wedding you’ve always dreamed of.  

Must Do’s With Your Group: 

Costa Rica is rich in sightseeing and eco-activities:  You can see the active volcano, go on a coffee plantation tour,  Zipline through the rainforest,  hike in the mountains, look for wild monkeys in a biological reserve, or just whistle the Jurassic Park theme song as you slide down a mountain in an open face water slide.  The memories you make with your wedding group will be priceless!  

Pros:  Beautiful, movie-like scenery and activities:  Plenty of great resort wedding venues for a magical wedding: Easy to do a symbolic wedding!  

Cons:  Farther away, longer flight times for you and your guests.  More expensive than other Caribbean destinations, and requirements for a legal wedding. 


Jamaica is one of the most diverse wedding destinations in the entire world, offering you sun, sea, sand, rivers, and waterfalls.  Jamaica has a relaxing and fun vibe that flows throughout the island no matter where you get married.

Something For Everyone in Jamaica:

From the nightlife and party atmosphere of Montego Bay to the more relaxed vibe of Negril’s world-famous 7-mile beach, to the romance and adventures of Ocho Rios,  you literally CAN have it ALL in Jamaica!  

Where to Get Married in Jamaica?:

When deciding where to get married in Jamaica you’ll want to consider the best fit for you and your wedding guests.  For example, if you are more of a lively party type of crowd, and don’t want a long drive to your resort, then Montego Bay is a great location for your wedding as most resorts are within 5 minutes of the airport and there are some beautiful beach locations.  Montego Bay is known for its shopping and nightlife as well.  

If you are looking for a perfect beach, and a more relaxing vibe, then Negril could be just the spot.  And if you like more mountainous terrain near some of Jamaica’s most famous activities, such as Mystic Mountain with the Bobsled ride, and Dunns River Falls, then a resort in the Ocho Rios area may be more to your liking.   No matter what area of Jamaica you choose, there will be a resort wedding venue that will give you everything you need for a dream destination “I Do!”

Must Do’s With Your Wedding Group in Jamaica?

As I had mentioned above, there is an endless list of cool things to do with your wedding group in Jamaica, including white water rafting, horseback riding, rum tasting, waterfalls, amusement rides, shopping and even visiting the Bob Marley museum.  Scheduling one or more of these excursions is sure to create some bonding and memories from attending your wedding. 

Pros:  Easy to get to, not too far from the states.  Very easy to have a legal wedding in Jamaica.  Many great resort wedding venues to choose from.  Great shopping, restaurants.  Jerk chicken…need I say more?  

Cons:  Jamaica is a large island, so if you are staying in one part of the island, such as in Negril, and you want to do an attraction in Ocho Rios, it could be a long drive to your attraction. 

The Dominican Republic

Hyatt Ziva, Punta Cana

Hyatt Ziva, Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic is the second-largest and most diverse Caribbean country.  Just two hours south of Miami, and less than four hours from New York, this under-the-radar wedding destination offers gorgeous beaches, coral reefs, swaying palm trees, rich history, and culture, spectacular outdoor activities that make it a magical option for your destination wedding!  

Where to Get Married in The Dominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic has some of the newest and most sophisticated wedding resort venues in the world.  Because the Dominican Republic is a relatively newer player in the tourism industry, compared to Mexico or some of the other more popular tourist locations, new resorts on some of the most amazing beaches and properties are still being built for an amazing experience for both of you and all of your guests!  You can relax and know that there is a resort venue in the Dominican Republic that will give you a magical wedding day! 

Must-Dos For Your Wedding Group in The Dominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic has a wide variety of activities and excursions that you can do with your wedding group to make amazing memories!  Horseback riding, ATV tours,  waterfalls, Casinos, catamaran cruises, snorkeling, and ziplining!  Doing any of these activities with your wedding group will create lifetime memories!    

Pros:  Easy for you and your guests to get to.  New & contemporary resort wedding venues to host your destination wedding at. Great beaches & views.  Your wedding pics will be stunning! 

Cons:  Limited English with staff and service at certain resorts.  Legal weddings are challenging, so symbolic weddings are recommended.

So, if you are currently planning a destination wedding and want a wedding location that includes plenty of stunning scenery, beautiful beaches, rich culture, and a chance for adventure, then I’m sure one of these 7 amazing places could be PERFECT for you. 

Still stressed and undecided contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you guys in find the perfect destination right for you.