Top 6 Hot Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Top 6 Hot Honeymoon Destinations in the World

One of the most exciting times in your life is your wedding & honeymoon. But hey, after all of the hard work, planning, stressing, and making countless decisions, it’s time to take a week or more to just relax, get pampered, and spend some quality time together as a couple!  You want this to be right, after all, this is not just another trip…This is YOUR honeymoon and the start of your new life together.  This is your time to share new adventures, travels and experiences that will bring you closer together than ever.  Here are 6 amazing honeymoon locals you’ll want to check out right now before you decide on a final honeymoon destination.  

St. Lucia

Known as the Hawaii of the Caribbean, St. Lucia is the emerald of the Caribbean isles!  Lush green tropical rainforests, waterfalls, active volcanoes, Sulphur springs, and beautiful beaches, St. Lucia really does have it all!   

What To Do in St. Lucia?

If you are going to have your honeymoon in St. Lucia, it’s a must to do at least 1 excursion to see the magnificent beauty of this Island.  From hiking the famous Pitons and rain forest, ziplining adventures, soaking in a volcanic Sulphur spring, or actually visiting the active volcano,  the memories you will make are endless!   

Plenty of Bucket list Resorts For Your Honeymoon

St. Lucia hosts a variety of amazing resorts, from 5 Star Luxury to All-inclusive elegance.  You will not have a problem finding a resort that will blow you away for a luxurious, romantic, and pampering honeymoon.   

Pros:   Bucket List sights and views, over-the-top romantic resorts, so many incredible excursions to do together.  

Cons:  Longer travel times due to the distance from the U.S.  More expensive than other popular honeymoon locations.  


If you and your honey are beach lovers, then there is no better place than Antigua.  Antigua is famous for its 365 pristine white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, historical Dickenson Bay, bustling shopping, and once-in-a-lifetime resort options.  

Where to Stay For Your Honeymoon in Antigua

Antigua has some opulent and stunning resort options that will give you the perfect blend of romance, pampering, fun, and luxury to make your honeymoon dreams a reality. You will have your choice of ultra-all-inclusive resorts, to glorious beachfront villas.   

What to do on Your Honeymoon in Antigua

Of course do what honeymooners do.. LOL, but also many of Antigua’s resorts offer many included water and beach sports, but if not, or if you are looking to explore Antigua, you can easily do some incredible excursions such as… visiting historic forts, shopping at local markets, hiking with phenomenal views, zipline on a canopy tour, sail on a catamaran cruise, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, and incredible scuba dives!  

Pros:  Amazing beaches, incredible romantic resorts, historic sights, and incredible views.

Cons:  Not always the best airfare schedule, more expensive than other honeymoon destinations.  

Riviera Maya Mexico

Located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, along the Caribbean sea,  Cancun & Riviera Maya is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Mexico, offering miles of white sandy beaches, a seemingly endless number of local sites to see and explore, and a plethora of activities for you and your wedding guests to see and do! 

Cancun includes the famous "hotel zone" where some of the most famous resorts in Mexico reside, on powder white sand beaches contrasting turquoise blue water! 

Where to stay for your honeymoon in the Riviera Maya?

The Riviera Maya is about 30 minutes and beyond south of Cancun and the resorts here are more spacious and spread out from each other. The beaches are a little more natural here, due to protections set up by the government to protect the natural coral and beach areas. The resorts here in the Riviera Maya have a more charming, romantic, & authentic cultural vibe.  You can find 5-star luxury both in all-inclusive and EP (European Plan), as well as something just under and ALL will give you a dream honeymoon experience.  

Must-Do For Your Honeymoon: 

One of the best things about this part of Mexico, is that there are literally endless excursions and activities you and your wedding guests can do from swimming in an authentic Cenote, checking out Mayan ruins, spending the day shopping in historic Playa del carmen, or enjoying Xel Ha's authentic eco water park. The most difficult part will be choosing what activities you want to do from the list available

Pro:  Dollar for dollar Mexico offers the BEST value in resort quality and service in the entire travel industry.  There is also so much to see and do, you will NEVER get bored.  

Cons: Can take longer to figure out which resort is best for your honeymoon, due to the sheer number of resorts in the area.  Mexico tends to get a bad rap for possible things that could go wrong that usually never happens.

Mexico:  Los Cabos

Located in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Cortez, pristine beaches, beautiful palm trees, and incredible desert landscapes, Los Cabos represents some of the best Mexico has to offer and brings a blend of up-level luxury mixed with authentic Mexican culture for the ultimate honeymoon getaway.  

Where to Stay For Your Honeymoon in Los Cabos?

Do you want a poolside or beach cabana?  How about a luxurious & romantic suite that includes a private terrace with an ocean view? Imagine having a private oceanside dinner for two while a mariachi band plays and the ocean waves gently wash up on the shore, or how about floating mixologists who deliver their latest inspiration & fruit skewers to you while you enjoy your three-tiered infinity pool? You can find this and more at some of the divine resorts Los Cabos has to offer.  

Things to do Together on Your Honeymoon in Los Cabos

The beauty of Los Cabos is that you can just relax and enjoy a couples massage at the spa, hang out by the pool and get catered to all day long, or you can jump off of the resort and try jet skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, horseback riding, snorkeling, bungee-jumping, and even go for a camel ride or ATV tour.  There is no shortage of memories you and your new spouse will make together.  

Pros:  If you live on the west coast of the U.S, there is no simpler honeymoon destination than Los Cabos!  Some incredible resort options, and some of the best wine and cuisine you can find in all of Mexico.  

Cons:  Rougher water unless you are on Medano Beach.  Not all resorts offer a swimmable beach. 

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is considered the Jewel of the Islands that make up Tahiti & French Polynesia. 

The minute you arrive and see the turquoise waters, lush tropical green peaks and surrounding Motus, sugar-white sand beaches and coconut trees, and most importantly, overwater bungalows!!!... It is truly love at first sight!  

Where to stay on your honeymoon?  

Tahiti and Bora Bora is known as the birthplace of overwater bungalows.  So if you are going to travel this far and invest this much into your honeymoon you can’t stay anywhere else except in an overwater bungalow that is some of the world’s best!  Some of these overwater suites include their own infinity plunge pools, 24-hour room service, even glass-bottom floors to spot the colorful tropical fish swimming below.  If an over the water experience isn’t quite your style, then there are also some unbelievable beach villas you can stay at as well.  

What to do on your honeymoon in Bora Bora: 

When in your in an overwater bungalow with the one that you love, you’re probably not going to worry about doing much, but on the off chance you would like to get out and explore, which I always advise you to do, you will have an abundance of excursions available to you such as… Full day lagoon tour, ATV-quad tours, Jet skiing, snorkel cruise, catamaran sunset sail, and even swimming with sharks & stingrays!  

Pros:  Bucket list honeymoon experiences!  Incredible resorts and overwater bungalows, first-class luxury, and pampering.

Cons:  Very long travel times, should stay for at least 10 days if you decide to honeymoon in Bora Bora.  Pricey. But totally worth it! 

Costa Rica:  

Costa Rica has the perfect blend of beauty, nature, & romance! You’ll fall in love with the beautiful beaches, endless mountains, lush rainforests, waterfalls, nature reserves, giant trees with monkey sighting tours, and vibrant culture. Costa Rica has so much to offer for you to have an amazing honeymoon. The vibe is low-key and relaxed, but you can also find plenty of upscale luxury resorts and plenty of excursions & activities to do. 

What to do in Costa Rica: 

Costa Rica is rich in sightseeing and eco-activities:  You can see the active volcano, go on a coffee plantation tour,  Zipline through the rainforest,  hike in the mountains, look for wild monkeys in a biological reserve, or just whistle the Jurassic Park theme song as you slide down a mountain in an open face water slide.  The memories you and your new spouse make together on your honeymoon will be priceless!  

Where to stay for your honeymoon?  

Costa Rica has a perfect blend of ocean-side resorts and hidden jungle hideaways that are perfect for luxury, romance, and pampering.  Depending on your style, you can choose from a 5 star all-inclusive or EP (European plan) to a rustic cottage Inn.   You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect resort for what you are looking for.  

PROS:  Unbelievable sights & nature excursions, great beaches, 

CONS:  Longer travel times due to distance, a little more expensive than other popular honeymoon locations, most resorts will have natural wildlife that visits the properties as it is illegal in Costa Rica to kill wild animals.  

We hope you found our list of honeymoon locations helpful. Remember as you have read through this list, you should be asking yourself important questions about where you want to go and what excites you about each location.  This will help you narrow down and clarify the options that are best for your PERFECT honeymoon.  

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